Heiswap - Quick Update


Woah! I wasn't expecting this level of attention on my current side project - heiswap. Apologies to everyone who I didn't reply to on twitter, the amount of attention I got was a little bit overwhelming and hard to keep up with…


Just some guy retweeting my tweet

To anyone wondering how to pronounce the project name, its heiswap (hey-swap) :-)


Just a couple quick updates on the project:

UI Makeover

Thanks to the folks at rimble from Consensys, heiswap now has modern fresh look!


Send Page


Get Page

Relayers - Gasless Tx Now Possible!

It is now possible to withdraw your ETH from a fresh account with no funds! This is achieved through a relayer, a small fee will be paid out to the relayer to recompensate for GAS usage.

You can either use the default relayer at https://relayer.heiswap.exchange or deploy your own relayer.


Relayer Withdrawal Option


Update: Audit from Callisto Network is now fixed

Thanks to the Ethereum Commenwealth who is currently funding the auditing of the contract.

Consensys Grants

Thanks to Nick Addison for bringing this to my attention, I've applied for the September batch of Consensys grants. The money will be used to support and update the web app and smart contract(s).


Thank you, the awesome Ethereum community, this project has gone further than I would have ever imagined. Thank you all!