Introducing ledger-analytics - Analytics for ledger-cli


Recently, I've been playing around with a really neat accounting tool: ledger-cli.

I love the simplicity of it, because all it is is a text-file that respects the ledger format. And because it's just a text-file, it works pretty much everywhere: Linux, Windows, MacOS, you name it. Not only that, I don't have to download legacy GTK2/GTK3/QT libraries to display the GUI. And, because it's a text-file, all modern developer tools such as git are applicable to it.

Sounds great, no?

Personal Gripes with ledger-cli

ledger-cli is a great tool, but because it's a CLI tool, generating interactive graphs is out of the question. There's a couple of tools out there such as ledger-web, and hledger-web. Problem is they either require too much effort to setup (requiring me to install postgres), don't provide any/enough insight to the data, or both.


ledger-analytics is my attempt at the problem. Currently the core features it provides are:

  1. A general (interactive) overview of your transactions
  2. Monthly comparison between multiple accounts
  3. Wealthgrowth

The usage preview can be seen below:


Account Overview


Account Comparison and Wealthgrowth

The project has just started and is currently in alpha, so if you find any bugs please report them. Again, you can check out the ledger-analytics project here.

Further reading

If you're interesting in plain text accounting, plaintextaccounting has an awesome guide on getting started.