Visualizing the Worlds Most Instagrammed Cities


For one of my (now retired) projects, I wanted to make use of a bunch of Instagram data, and so I scrapped them.

Amongst the scrapped data was all the cities in the world, along with the number of Instagram posts that ‘tagged’ that particular city.

I thought it would be cool to do a quick visualization of the data, and so I did.

Most Instagrammed Cities

Should you wish to play around with the extracted data or create your own visualization, I've made the tools and data available here.

Top 25 Most Instagrammed Cities

NumberLocationInstagram Tags
1Moscow, Russia38205661
2New York, New York37436116
3London, United Kingdom32812081
4São Paulo, Brazil27399613
5Paris, France24334690
6Los Angeles, California24437297
7Saint Petersburg, Russia22318754
8Istanbul, Turkey17671196
9Jakarta, Indonesia14021225
10Barcelona, Spain13204513
11Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro12867293
12Amsterdam, Netherlands12649225
13Rome, Italy12430318
14Bogotá, Colombia12377166
15Kyiv, Ukraine12181768
16Chicago, Illinois11977498
17Bangkok, Thailand11963566
18Dubai, United Arab Emirates12146149
19Berlin, Germany11793611
20Toronto, Ontario10940502
21Madrid, Spain10912860
22San Francisco, California9839629
23Tehran, Iran8769589
24Mexico City, Mexico8339764
25Prague, Czech Republic8067410